What We Do

Ardea Waste is a waste management platform.

You tell us about your waste and we provide you with a list of waste management options. You can deal with all of your wastes on a single platform with a single paypoint.

Our list of options will always have the most environmentally responsible solution for your waste at the top of your list of options.

You’ll be able to compare prices. We know that some waste management options are more expensive and that can drive business decisions. But at Ardea Waste we pop the bonnet on the waste industry and take a look inside. We’ll be up front about what is happening to your waste.

Not all wastes can be safely recycled and that’s ok. If you have hazardous or controlled waste, we’ll help you make sure your waste is being disposed of in the safest possible way and make sure you’re meeting your regulatory obligations.

Need to know more about your waste? Ardea can provide you with an annual waste report that details your waste production and costs per tonne. We can provide you with a recycling/re-use rate and if you like, promote your successes.

Ardea Waste protects your data. You can read about our commitment to protect your information here.